Sponsors play a major part in making our clean water events and projects happen. We are so grateful for their support!

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Waboba Waboba Bounces on Water! - Waboba stands behind +H2O by providing the team and supporters with their awesome balls that bounce on water. Waboba strives to connect with people all over the world and keep life fun outside. Since they share the same playground as the +H2O team, Waboba joined forces to help protect water and all those that need it to survive, be it a fish or a human. Through sponsorship, Waboba aims to raise money with events and through the sale of a limited edition Waboba ball (in development) with 20% of proceeds donated to various water charity organizations within the +H2O family.
Quator International Quatro International - Quatro International is one of the premiere boardsports board building companies. Founding member Keith Teboul is the shaper for Quatro International and designs and shapes all of the founding members boards.
Goya Sails Goya Sails - Goya Windsurfing produces the most progressive windsurfing sails on the market. Owner Francisco Goya claims " It is what we all dream of, having the shop, factory, loft and office 5 minutes from the water on one of the most consistent and warm places in the world, we basically ride everyday, with a team that has been focusing their whole life around the sport, so our products, communication and business all revolve around our passion for the ultimate ride and company."
Maui Fin Company MFC - Maui Fin Company creates some of the best windsurfing fins on the market and is based on Maui, Hawaii..

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