Board of Advisors

Robert Masters
Owner, Master Communication

Robert Masters is a director, producer, cameraman, editor, and owner of Master Communication, a media production and consulting company located in San Pedro, California. Masters has been involved in professional media for over thirty years. His current projects include the development of web sites (,,, etc), documentaries (The Accidental Icon, Running Dry: Beyond The Brink, Legend of Aahhh's) and educational videos (Senator Paul Simon Water For The World, A River of Time, etc.).

Masters works with clients involved in program development, and with companies who utilize his services as a media and marketing consultant. He has assisted organizations including LA Harbor College, Grass Valley Group, Shure, Radius and Roland Corporation, aiding in the design of various video and audio hardware systems. He and his team have helped create marketing and educational videos for the likes of Apple, Chrysler, Nissan, The City of Los Angeles, Volcom, Vans, The California Association of Realtors, TRW and Neil Pryde.

Masters' projects have included a series of "video yearbooks" and educational videos on the sport of windsurfing. These programs have aired in over thirty countries, sold over 100,000 copies, played on in-flight programs on major airlines and showed in sports bars and restaurants around the world.

Also involved in motor sports productions since 1984, Masters has covered everything from F-1 motorcycles at Laguna Seca and Top fuel dragsters at Pomona to NASCAR stock cars at Riverside and IMSA cars at Daytona. Automotive work includes twenty years of video projects for Chrysler's concept car division and an award winning promotional video for Indy 500 winner, Arie Luyendyk.

Masters' footage has been used by clients such as Baywatch Productions, ABC Sports, National Geographic, Coors, Ferraro, TWI, ESPN and Eurosport. In addition to awards at U.S.A. Film Festivals, New York Film Festivals and Worldfests, Robert has earned recognition from his peers in the form of one Emmy award for editing and three additional nominations for Emmy's in other categories. He has also been a roving reporter for publications including On Board and Windsurfing Magazine, writing articles on a myriad of topics and personalities from this popular sport.

Robert is a water advocate who believes that access to affordable clean water is a basic human right - and that everyone has a role to play in guarantying that we protect this precious resource for this and future generations. He has been working with people from all walks of life since 2004 to turn this dream into reality.

Averill Strasser
Chief Operating Officer, Water Charity

Averill founded Water Charity, and as Chief Operating Officer he runs the day-to-day operations of the organization. His background and experience in both engineering and law make him uniquely qualified for this endeavor.

Averill received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Systems Engineering from UCLA.

He designed water systems for the Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles. He was a Planner for the City of Compton, and was a Senior Program Planner in the Mayor's Office of the City of Los Angeles.

He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer as Professor of Engineering at the University of San Andres in La Paz, Bolivia, from 1966 to 1968. During that time, he led numerous development projects into the interior of Bolivia, building water systems and sanitary facilities using student and community resources.

He went to law school and then headed a law firm in Beverly Hills for over 20 years. His legal career included, among other areas, civil rights, business, and real property litigation. Today he limits his law practice to pro bono work.

Since 1995 he has devoted himself to business development and charitable endeavors. For him, Water Charity is a dream come true: It presents the opportunity for him to go back into the field and implement projects of immediate and substantial value to people and communities in need.

Dr Arnout Ter Schure
Project Manager, Environmental Sciences, EPRI
Goya Sails & Quatro Team Rider

Dr. Arnout Ter Schure is a Project Manager in the Environment Sector at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). He works on fundamental processes involved in the transport and environmental fate of pollutants; integrative studies of sources and sinks of pollutants; the importance of atmospheric processes in coastal environments, risk assessment; and has recently progressed into the area of renewable energy.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental hygiene from Het Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. His research then focused on mimicking the uptake of pollutants by aquatic organisms. He also holds a Master of Science degree and a doctorate in environmental science from the University of Lund, Lund, Sweden.

Arnout is member of the American Geophysical Union and is the co-author of more than ten peer-reviewed scientific papers. He is an acknowledged reviewer for several world renowned scientific journals such as Atmospheric Environment and Environmental Science and Technology.

Arnout has been windsurfing for over 25 yrs, and started surfing about 7 yrs ago. He's been to many great windsurf destinations all over the world, and current lives in the San Francisco Bay Area; home of many world-class windsurfing spots. Through his long windsurf career, his studies and his work, Arnout has developed a great love and passion for the ocean, and has come to realize its absolute importance for sustaining life -and life's inherent cycles- on Earth. Earlier, he couldn't find an appropriate outlet that combined his windsurfing passion with his ideas about clean, sustainable and healthy oceans. But when +H2O was founded, that venue became a reality and it was therefore a natural choice for him to be involved in +H2O.

Jaipal Tuttle
President, Oklo Financial and VN7 Dynamic Capital

Life has taken me on a fantastic journey! I earned PhD in theoretical physics from UC Santa Cruz in 1993 - Berkeley, Yale and Stanford along the way. All leading to a crazy career on Wall Street and a wild multi-year windsurfing adventure in Vietnam.

I began windsurfing in 1986 I was instantly hooked! (Waddell Creek became my obsession and still is to this day.) But for a few years I took a break to focus on my career. In late 1998, however, I took a vacation to coastal Vietnam. To my surprise it was really windy! I engineered my departure from Wall Street and moved to Vietnam in time for the 2001 season. For the next five years I explored the coastline in search of waves. I found radical conditions in isolated areas. I also found poverty and all of the misery that comes with it - malnutrition, poor hygiene, pollution, birth defects, safety concerns, inadequate medical care, and human trafficking.

But I met so many wonderful people. I was an oddity driving around in my Ford Ranger with windsurfing gear on top. At times crowds would gather to watch. A foreigner was curious enough but one windsurfing at the beaches where they lived all their lives was a spectacle!

Eventually I met my wife to be. She came with me on my excursions and documented our adventures with a hundred or so photographs. I look at them often and think that, while my life changes so quickly and for the positive, life for those I met probably has changed very little. Poverty is a hard cycle to break.

I left Vietnam and moved back to Santa Cruz to raise our family. I currently run a hedge fund, VN7 Dynamic Capital, LP and an asset management company, OKLO financial. I have been fortunate enough to help others along the way. I have supported Black Veterans for Social Justice, The Fund for Reconciliation and Development; volunteered time to teach English in Vietnam, sponsored a local surfing team, and an upcoming windsurfing event. In short, making a difference is important to me.

Now that I am settled in Santa Cruz with my wife and two children, I am pleased to become involved with +H20. Santa Cruz is a vibrant, progressive green city. We can make an impact here and help others afar.


Rene Massatti
Lecturer for social media marketing at Vienna's University of Business and Economics

Windsurfing and snowboarding have made Rene commuting between the Austrian Alps and Hawai'i for the last 20 years. He loves to be in and on the water, no matter if it is frozen or liquid.

He was also always fascinated by innovative marketing technologies and after finishing his MBA in international marketing and management he co-founded a company that should within 4 years become one of the largest and most innovative digital agencies in Austria and the CEE region. After winning several international awards (Gold Effie, PR Austrian State Prize, Effie CEEMAX) and after 10 years of being in the hamster wheel, Rene got fed up with the agency business. He now believed more than ever that innovative ways of thinking are necessary to solve the problems of tomorrow. That is why he joined Hamburg, Germany based trendresearch company TrendONE for whom he travels the globe and teaches, confronts and inspires people with innovative concepts and thoughts. When he is back home in Austria, he acts also a lecturer for social media marketing at Vienna's University of Business and Economics.

Rene still comes to Hawai'i with his family every year. Watching his children enjoy the ocean makes him even more do what he was always passionate about: keep this incredible gift of nature clean and preserved for us and our future generations. They have the same right to enjoy those incredible moments we all had. Positive H2O means positive action. It is a chance to make a difference for all of us.


Dr. Philippe Tissot
Associate Professor of Physics at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and the Associate Director and a Research Scientist at the Conrad Blucher Institute

Dr. Philippe Tissot is an Associate Professor of Physics at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and the Associate Director and a Research Scientist at the Conrad Blucher Institute. His research has focused on developing and implementing real-time coastal models based on statistical and computational intelligence methods in order to produce actionable information for decision makers. Tissot is particularly interested in predictions of water levels, storm surges and the related impact of sea level rise and climate change. Tissot works on regional sea level rise, the related increasing inundation frequencies and how it may affect our coastlines. Other works include studies on navigational safety, the development of mobile applications for navigation, rip currents, and implementation of hydrodynamic models. Tissot has authored or co-authored 23 peer reviewed articles, over 120 proceedings, abstracts and technical presentations, a Physical Science text book for future K-12 teachers, and 2 US Patents. He particularly enjoys working with students at all levels (undergraduate, MS, PhD) to tackle science questions or technology development projects.

Since his father introduced him to the sport in the late seventies (no clamp on boom or universal joint at the time)Tissot has loved the sport of Windsurfing. He windsurfs mostly in Corpus Christi Bay and at Port Aransas with his wife and they enjoy traveling together to visit friends and windsurf at great locations such as Punta San Carlos, the Columbia River Gorges, and Maui. PS: You may pass by the "Tissot Lounge" if you stop by Punta San Carlos.

David Batchelor
Environmental Policy Advisor - Retired
Great Lakes Demo Tour

David's Bachelor of Science major in biology with minors in mathematics and chemistry and post-graduate studies in zoology initiated a thirty-year career in environmental protection, which began with limnological studies to establish baseline water quality data for the Great Lakes. This lead to being selected to work on the establishment of toxicological criteria for establishing permit restrictions and conducting environmental assessments. The next ten years were involved with conducting and managing compliance and enforcement of air, water and waste regulations in the state of Michigan. The latter years culminated in program and policy development for the state of Michigan and the USEPA Office of Water. Areas of expertise include: aquatic research, environmental monitoring and evaluations, expert witness, compliance and enforcement and being recognized as a state and national expert in market-based environmental programs. Accomplishments include being the architect of Michigan's Air and Water Quality Trading regulations and USEPA's Water Quality Trading Policy. Awards were received from the State of Michigan Natural Resources Commission and USEPA Region V for outstanding enforcement efforts.

"+H2O is an opportunity to contribute to much needed efforts to protect and conserve our planets most essential and valuable resource, water. Participating is an opportunity to contribute my experience towards helping educate people on the issues and challenges we face and working collaboratively to establish networks to explore and find solutions."

Jack Sterne
Principal, Rising Tide Strategies

Jack Sterne is the principal of Rising Tide Strategies LLC, which designs and manages strategic campaigns for environmental organizations and renewable energy companies. Jack is an environmental lawyer and strategic consultant with a two-decade record of success across a wide range of environmental and energy issues. He has been actively involved in shaping and implementing ocean policy and legislation for the last decade, and has led multiple projects that crafted consensus among environmental organizations, renewable energy companies, and utilities on appropriate national policy for ocean renewable energy development.

He currently serves as Senior Strategist to the Offshore Wind Development Coalition, and has provided strategic planning, coalition management, and policy and litigation counsel to a wide variety of environmental and energy clients, including the Environmental Defense Fund, Lazar Foundation, Oak Foundation, Ormat Technologies Inc., Ocean Conservancy, Pacific Energy Ventures, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, Sierra Club, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Wilderness Society.

Jack co-founded and directed Ocean Champions, the first national political organization for the oceans, and was an official advisor on ocean issues for the transition team of President Obama. He is an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark Law School, teaching Ocean and Coastal Law. Jack is a frequent speaker at various energy, environment and legal conferences around the country, and has served on numerous non-profit boards. He has a B.A. from the University of Virginia, and a J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law School.

In his free time (what little of it there is), Jack is an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, snowboarder, and surfer. He loves to be on the water, whether it's floating the rivers near his home in Bend, Oregon, stand-up paddling off Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, or surfing reef breaks in Rincon, Puerto Rico (just a few of the last year's adventures).

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