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Positive H2O was founded by professional athletes who want to create a movement for clean water. As a professional athlete we ask that you leverage your visibility to inspire your fans and community to join our movement and get involved in our many worldwide events. Our events are multifaceted and we are always in need of help in all areas of organization, whether it be passing out flyers, helping to organize a fundraiser, donating supplies, research, or even speaking at one of our events. This is your chance to shine all of your talents and help get our water back to its pristine state. Your help is greatly needed. Fill out our team rider application and join the movement now!

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Terms and Privacy Agreement
Privacy and Data Control: I agree that this information may be transferred outside my home country and maintained and processed by Positive H2O and its employees, associates, and affiliates in the USA and elsewhere.

Positive H2O ambassador/team rider Media Agreement: Positive H2O ambassadors/team riders are not media representatives and may not do interviews without express written permission from one of the founders of Positive H2O. Should an ambassador/team rider be asked to participate in a media interview at an outreach event or other function, they may do so as a Positive H2O ambassador/team rider, but not as a representative of the organization, and this must be made clear to the interviewer. Positive H2O ambassadors/team riders may suggest/request press releases or website news postings about relevant events by e-mail ( Positive H2O ambassadors/team riders will share media contacts by e-mail ( and help Positive H2O to collect and send in print archive materials as well. Any media requests a Positive H2O ambassador/team rider receives must be directed to Positive H2O by e-mail (

Confidentiality, Copyright and Miscellaneous: By checking the terms and privacy agreement check mark, I acknowledge the responses to these questions are all true to the best of my knowledge. To make any false statements on this application would subject me to immediate dismissal at the discretion of Positive H2O without any notice, comment, or hearing. I will keep confidential everything that I may hear, see, read, or learn about while being an ambassador/team rider for Positive H2O (including but not limited to: ambassador/team rider data, operational information, personal information about others working at Positive H2O, financial information, etc...). If I receive any property or information from or belonging to Positive H2O I will immediately return it if so requested. As a Positive H2O ambassador/team rider, I hereby agree to share copyrights for any video, photo, or print content that I provide to Positive H2O, that is approved for use by Positive H2O.

I agree to the Terms and Privacy Agreement above.

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